Online Drawing Class

I like to draw faces. I gravitate towards them. There is no escape. In a good way, not a creepy horror movie way. When I was in college I was taking an open studio art class and the assignment was to experiment with collage and found objects. Rather than producing abstract pieces that explore emotions using random objects, I ended up creating portraits.


Flipping through my sketchbooks, there is a face on almost every page. I might have a small obsession. But, I'm reading a biography on Leonardo da Vinci, and he would dive into his interests (movement of water, anatomy of humans/animals, plants, military engineering, architecture, how the human eye works and perceives light, just to name a few) to the point of obsessively filling notebooks with questions and hypothetical drawings. So I don't feel so bad...


I have put together my first video class about drawing faces. I share some basic anatomy, show how to draw a face from your imagination, go through my process of creating a portrait, and lay it out in easy to follow steps. If you have any interest in learning how to draw faces, then you should check it out on Skillshare:


Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 2.57.29 AM.png